The Chrysler Pacifica Will Change Your Kids From Saying, 'Are We There Yet?' To, 'I Hope We’re Not There Yet!'

The all-new Chrysler Pacifica’s UConnect system will have your kids saying, “I hope we’re not there yet” with its advanced entertainment system. Never again will you have to worry about keeping the kids occupied in back, while driving, as the Chrysler Pacifica has got you covered.

The UConnect system offers many features for the back passengers to enjoy including:
• Blu-ray player
• Individual HDMI inputs
• Headphones
• Two 10.1-inch seatback-mounted touchscreens
• Multiplayer games
• Animated navigation app to show passengers how far to the destination
• Driver has the power to turn...
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Choosing the Right Tire for You

If new tires are on your horizon, then visiting Corning Ford could help you find the best tire for your car. There are three main tires which offer each person the support required for safe driving, all year long.

Summer tires can be used through most of the year in Corning. They work well on dry roads in temperatures over 40 degrees Fahrenheit, and you can be confident in their braking ability on wet roads. They perform poorly in snowy conditions.

Winter tires are for snowy conditions and contain more ridges for better traction. These tires work extremely well in…
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Want Quality on a Budget? The 2017 Ford Fiesta May the Car for You

The 2017 Ford Fiesta, which is available as both a sedan and a hatchback, starts at only $13,660. This subcompact car is very stylish and defies the expectation many people have that it is necessary to sacrifice on quality if you’re driving on a budget.

Despite the low price, you still get a great driving experience. The Fiesta gets 27 mpg city and 35 mpg highway, meaning it has excellent fuel economy. Additionally, there are advanced features available. These include push-button start, Android Auto connectivity and Apple CarPlay and a potentially life-saving rear-view camera to...

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2017 Ford Edge

Do you want a car with the best technology? If so, the 2017 Ford Edge is a great option for you. There are a lot of people who are excited about all of the features being offered on this model. Over time, a new car is a huge investment, so it only makes sense to spend a lot of time trying to find the right one. At Corning Ford, we are committed to providing quality customer service in a variety of ways.

We know that the 2017 Ford Edge is a great vehicle, and we are ready to invest our…

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Our Ford Specialists can handle it all

When you hit the pavement with your family this holiday season the last thing you want to worry about is running into any car trouble. That's why it's important to keep up with routine maintenance. In doing so, you can actually greatly increase the longevity of your vehicle as well as avoid more pressing issues by catching a problem before it gets bigger! What better gift could you possibly give yourself?


That calm of the bay in the morning. #FordSpecialists #FordService #Ford #Tires #Mustang

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What does driving a Ford mean to you?

Until you experience the exclusivity of driving a Ford for yourself you'll be missing out on a truly special feeling. However, we can easily change that for you here at Corning Ford. Our many new and pre-owned Ford models are calling your name! It's time to change the way you drive.


Describe how it feels behind the wheel of your Ford in one word. 📷: @nikkipilkenton13

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Whatever type of model you prefer, or even if you don't know exactly what you're…

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Chase the sun and the pavement with the Ford Explorer

As unfortunate as it is, we've officially accepted Daylight Savings over here at Corning Ford. However, just because a few hours of sunlight are missing from our days doesn’t mean you've got to slow down for anything. The 2016 Ford Explorer is capable and ready to take on any road, day or night.

The newest Ford Explorer includes a…

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Ford Mustang concepts will blow your socks off at SEMA 2015

With the unveiling of the 2016 Cobra Jet Mustang (pictured above) and more custom Ford Mustang custom creations to come, the annual Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) trade show is already off to a great start in Las Vegas, especially for those who love specialty equipment and custom Ford parts.


All legend. All power. No compromise. Track use only. #Ford #Mustang #FordMustang #Cobra #CobraJet #FordSEMA #SEMA2015

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